Goodwill Vehicle Donations is currently accepting vehicle donations. Your health and safety are of utmost importance to us. To donate, call 866-233-8586 or fill out the form below. To learn what actions we are taking to ensure you are protected when you donate a vehicle to Goodwill Vehicle Donations, please click here.

Voided Warranty

There are many reasons people decide to give a car donation to Goodwill. One of them is that the warranty for their vehicle has been voided. Here are some of the reasons your vehicle warranty could be voided: Salvage Title: Cars receive salvage titles when the damage to the vehicle is almost equal to or… Read more

Donate Your Car to Take Advantage of New Technology

The technology in new cars has been rapidly advancing in recent years. Now is a great time to donate your car to Goodwill of Greater Washington so you can buy a new car and enjoy some of the great new features cars offer these days. In this post, you will learn more about new in-dash… Read more

Goodwill Update

When you donate your vehicle to Goodwill of Greater Washington, you will be joining thousands of other community members who have been contributing to Goodwill’s success this year. Here are some of the ways Goodwill has been raising money to help the community this season: Share a Smile Campaign During the month of October, Goodwill… Read more

Goodwill Named One of the Forbes Most Inspiring Companies

Do you want to donate your vehicle to a company that his truly inspiring? Making a car donation to Goodwill of Greater Washington is a great way to do it. Goodwill was just been named one of the top 25 most inspiring companies by Forbes. Forbes has been conducting an online survey for consumers to… Read more

How to Choose New Tires

Many people buy a used car to replace the vehicle they donate to Goodwill. Used cars can come with any number of pending repairs, including replacing the tires. The tires are one of the most important parts on the vehicle because they are the only link between your car and the road. Having great tires… Read more

Benefits of Four Wheel Drive

As the weather is getting cooler, it is time to start thinking about getting ready for winter storms. While snow is pretty to have around during the holidays, it can also cause a lot of problems for drivers. One way to avoid problems on the road this winter is to donate your car to Goodwill… Read more

Save on Gas by Donating Your Car

The cost of gas is rising all over the country and people are looking for more fuel efficient cars. It is a great time to donate your car to Goodwill so that you can purchase a new, more fuel efficient car. Not only is donating your car a fast and easy way to make room… Read more

Donate Your Clothing for a Discount at Davelle Clothiers

In addition to its car donation program, Goodwill also runs several other donation programs to raise money for the work they do in the community. One of the most popular programs Goodwill runs for fundraising is the clothing and household goods donation program. Another great way to donate your gently used clothing to Goodwill is… Read more

Donate Your Boat to Goodwill

Most people know that you can donate a vehicle to Goodwill, but did you know that Goodwill also accepts boat donations? Goodwill’s vehicle donation program includes several types of vehicles such as cars, boats, campers, RV’s motorcycles, scooters, riding mowers and even electronic wheelchairs. If you are interested in donating your boat, here are a… Read more

Buy or Lease a Car?

After you donate your car to Goodwill, you will probably be looking into your options for getting a replacement. Something you might consider is leasing a new car. But before you make a decision about whether you want to buy a car or lease one, you should consider the benefits to both options. Benefits to… Read more

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