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Goodwill and ZIPS Dry Cleaners

When you donate your vehicle to Goodwill, you are helping support several different programs Goodwill offers to help people find jobs. One of the most important steps to finding a job is to give a good impression during an interview.

Since dressing nicely is one of the best ways to make a good first impression, Goodwill has partnered with ZIPS Dry Cleaning in the Will 2 Work clothing drive to provide adults with disadvantages with the proper attire for job interviews. ZIPS is a professional dry cleaning service with more than 30 locations in the Washington DC area. They pride themselves on providing high quality garment cleaning services to price conscious consumers.

In addition to offering affordable cleaning services, ZIPS also is very involved in the communities it serves. Last year alone, ZIPS collected more than 14,000 garments to donate to the community. Their goal in 2012 is to collect more than 20,000 garments to give to the community.

During the month of September, each ZIPS store in the region will be serving as a drop-off location for the Will 2 Work clothing drive. Community members are encouraged to donate their gently used business clothing by dropping items off at any ZIPS location in the area.

In addition to collecting the clothing, ZIPS will also be cleaning the donated clothing for free before it is distributed to community members in need of business attire. Through this program, Goodwill is expecting to provide hundreds of community members with the clothing they need as they enter the workforce.

When you donate your used car to Goodwill, you are helping Goodwill to offer the community great programs like Will 2 Work. To learn more about other great programs Goodwill offers, check out our about us section.  For answers regarding your vehicle donation questions, please read our car donation FAQs.

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