About Goodwill of Greater Washington

Founded in 1902 by Rev. Edgar J. Helm, Goodwill Industries International has been using donations from community members to provide job training and employment to community members with disadvantages for over a century. Goodwill of Greater Washington was established in 1935 and has since helped tens of thousands of community members from the Greater Washington area find gainful employment through the support of household and vehicle donation programs.

Our Programs

Consistent with Goodwill’s mission statement of “transforming lives and communities through the power of education and employment,” Goodwill of Greater Washington uses the proceeds from your vehicle donation to provide programs such as job training and employment placement for individuals in the Greater Washington area who are disabled and disadvantaged.

Training and Services

Participants in our job training program begin with the Intake and Assessment program which allows participants to identify and understand their unique skills, abilities and interests. Each participant in this program is evaluated by our workforce development staff that assesses each individual’s education level, work stamina, and other key job skills that allow our staff to evaluate the development of each individual throughout the program.

Career & Life Skills Training

Next, participants enter our Career & Life Skills Training program. In this program, participants work closely with our workforce development professionals to learn career skills such as workplace etiquette, employer expectations and how to perform a job search in their career field. Additionally, participants learn important life skills such as time management, dependability, problem solving and customer service skills.

Occupational Skills Training

In addition to learning important life skills, participants also receive occupational training in their specific fields in Goodwill’s Occupational Skills Training Program. In this program, participants have the opportunity to learn skills such as banking, building maintenance, environmental services, retail and construction.

Job Placement and Retention

Once participants are ready to apply for jobs, Goodwill provides assistance with job searches, resumes and interviewing skills in our Job Placement and Retention Service. After participants are hired, Goodwill continues to provide them with support through regular consultations and providing additional training as needed.

Disability Services

Along with supporting job training programs, the proceeds from vehicle donations to Goodwill also support specialized services to individuals with disabilities in the Greater Washington Area. These services help participants gain career skills and employment placement as well as assist employers in developing a framework to effectively employ individuals with disabilities.

Work Experience

One of these programs is the Work Experience Program, which provides for individuals with Disabilities to gain real work experience while also receiving support and training from Goodwill. Currently, Goodwill of Greater Washington offers this program in Retail Training and Custodial Training.

Project LEAP

Another program Goodwill of Greater Washington offers for individuals with disabilities is the Life Enrichment Awards Program (Project LEAP), which aims to support youth with disabilities in making a smooth transition into young adulthood. Participants in the LEAP program receive financial assistance from Goodwill for goods and services which assist them in searching for employment, beginning secondary education or moving out of their parent’s home.

Goodwill of Greater Washington provides a tremendous amount of support and assistance to community members in the Greater Washington area who are disabled and disadvantaged. Through the support of our car donation program, we are able to continue growing and continue providing these life-changing programs for our community members.

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