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Fix Your Car Yourself

Fixing Own Car | Goodwill Vehicle Donations

When your vehicle has a major problem that is too expensive to fix, you may want to donate your vehicle to Goodwill and buy a new car. However, there are several minor repairs you can do to your vehicle yourself that will save you money in the long run.

  • Inflating Your Tires – Proper maintenance of your tire pressure is a great way to save money on service fees and increase your gas mileage. You can inflate your tires at most gas stations or you can purchase a machine to do it in the convenience of your home.
  • Rotating Your Tires – Regular tire rotation is important because it helps the tread to wear more evenly. Usually, the front tires wear faster than the front tires, so tire rotation usually involves moving the rear tires to the front and the front tires to the rear.
  • Change Your Air Filter – Changing your air filter is important because the air that goes into the engine mixes with the gas to create internal combustion. Therefore, the air should be as clean as possible for the engine to run efficiently. Changing the filter is as simple as locating the air filter box in your car and switching out the filters. You can save about $10-15 compared to having a shop change it for you.
  • Change Your Oil – Changing your car’s oil is important for keeping the engine clean and running smoothly. There are several instructional resources on the internet for changing your oil at home. The process is simple and only requires some basic tools to complete. The best part is that changing your own oil can save you up to $75 per oil change, or up to $225 per year. Learn how to change your oil here.

Tired of Fixing Your Own Car -

These repairs are simple enough that you can do them yourself, but if your car needs something more complicated, you should consider donating your vehicle to Goodwill for a tax deduction this year. Plus, once you donate your car, you will be able to start looking for a new car. To learn more about donating your vehicle, call 866-233-8586 or click the button below.

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