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Troubleshooting Your Car


When your car breaks down, you might be considering donating it to Goodwill. But, if you’re not quite ready to donate yet, you may want to try troubleshooting your vehicle. Below are some suggestions for common problems your car may be having:

  • Engine turns on but doesn’t stay on: If you have a carburetor, check the carburetor adjustment and choke to determine if the choke is closing then opening. Fuel injection engines with this problem will need to be looked at by a professional.
  • Car cranks but engine doesn’t turn on: First check to make sure the fuel supply is okay, if it is check the spark plugs to see if the electric spark is reaching them.
  • Car is silent when you turn ignition: You may have a dead battery or there may be a problem with the battery cables.
  • The car doesn’t start when it is raining: The distributor cap may have moisture in it, which will need to be evaporated.
  • The engine hesitates when accelerating: This could be caused by a problem with the accelerator pump in the carburetor, the spark plugs, the distributor or the timing.
  • The engine is knocking or pinging: Check to make sure you are using the grade of gasoline recommended for your vehicle. Also check the timing, cooling system and compression of the engine.
  • The car makes a clicking sound when you turn the ignition: This usually means that the battery is dead. You will either need to charge the battery or jump start the car.

To learn more about your car engine and how it works, click here.

Fixing Your Own Car -

If you use these troubleshooting tips and still can’t figure out what’s wrong with your car, it is may be a good time to think about donating the car to Goodwill. The donation process is quick and easy as well as tax-deductible. To learn more about the donation process, browse our most commonly asked questions or if you’re ready to donate, click the button below.

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