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The New Chevy Volt

Are you thinking about donating your old car to Goodwill and buying a new one that will save you money on gas? The Chevy Volt might be a great option for you! The Volt is the perfect car for someone who wants to switch to driving an electric car but also needs to make longer trips sometimes without worrying about charging their battery. The Volt’s engine runs on electricity but can switch over to gas power when the battery is depleted. This gives the car exceptional gas mileage as well as the unlimited range of a gas powered vehicle.

So how does the Volt do it? It has two electric motors that are powered by a battery pack. These two motors drive the front wheels. When the battery pack charge becomes low, the car is programmed to switch over to using a four-cylinder gas engine to generate power for the battery pack. The driver also has the ability to switch over to gas power at any time by engaging the Volt’s Hold drive mode.

In addition to the gas-saving and environmental benefits of the Chevy Volt also offers a very stylish exterior and high quality interior. The car includes several high-tech instruments such as a navigation system and displays that monitor the car’s fuel economy and battery life. See below some of the key specs of the Chevy Volt:

  • Price: $38,236
  • MPG: 35 City / 40 Hwy (when running on fuel)
  • Engine: Electric/Gas I4 1.4L/85
  • Drive-train: Front Wheel Drive
  • Horsepower: 84
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Rating: 5/5 Stars

The Chevy Volt has received great reviews in previous years and the 2013 model looks like it will also be an excellent choice for a new vehicle. Check out the US News reviews and rating of the Chevy Volt for more information.

When buying a new car (like the Chevy Volt), you need to decide what to do with your old one.  Why not donate your used vehicle to a worthy cause and receive a top tax deduction in the process?  To learn more about the vehicle donation process and Goodwill of Greater Washington, browse our vehicle donation FAQs or call us today at (866) 233-8586.

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