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Goodwill’s Employer Solutions

Get Ready to be Employed through Goodwill -

Goodwill uses the proceeds from car donations and other donations to provide job training programs that have helped thousands of community members throughout the years to improve the quality of their lives through gainful employment. At the same time, Goodwill also offers employers a great service by training and placing good, qualified employees.

Employer Solutions Program

Through its Employer Solutions Program, Goodwill is able to offer the following benefits to employers:

  • Pre-screening job candidates to ensure that they meet employer’s needs.
  • Working with Human Resources to determine the needs of the company, then placing workers who are qualified, dependable and productive into the positions the employer has available.
  • Developing individualized retention strategies with each employee who is placed in a job to ensure that they will have the support and skills they need to keep performing their duties well.

Tax Credit

Additionally, when employers choose to work with Goodwill for their human resource needs, they may be eligible for a significant tax credit. This tax credit, called the Work Opportunity Tax Credit, is offered to employers who have employees that are part of target groups who face significant barriers to gainful employment. The idea behind this tax credit is that employers who hire people that might otherwise not be self-sufficient are reliving a significant tax burden from the public. Since Goodwill’s services are also focused on helping individuals with these types of barriers, many Goodwill graduates will qualify employers to receive this tax credit.

In addition to the tax incentive, employers also have the benefit of knowing that Goodwill will be providing employees with additional support and training throughout their employment. Goodwill’s retention rate is 100%! Plus, all things considered (recruitment, training, etc.), employers can save up to $10,000.00 per hire when they choose to hire a Goodwill Career Seeker.

For more information about Goodwill’s Employer Solutions, visit  Goodwill of Greater Washington.

Goodwill’s Employer Solutions | Goodwill Vehicle Donations

By supporting Goodwill with a car donation, you are not only helping people in your community but you are also helping support a mutually beneficial relationship between and potential employers.

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