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Donate Your Car and Join a Carpool

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If you have been thinking of ways to save money this year, donating your car to Goodwill and joining a carpool may be a great option for you. Carpools are a great way to share resources and cut costs for all members.

Here are some of the benefits to carpooling:

  1. Save Gas Money – Gas is becoming very expensive these days, and the price is almost sure to keep increasing. The average price for gas in the Washington DC metro area is about $3.60 which adds up to almost $2000 a year (based on a 15 gallon tank filling up three times a month at $3.60 a gallon).
  2. Reduce Traffic – Approximately 43% of people in the Washington DC Area drive to work alone, which equates to about 60,000 people each work week. If each of these people joined just one other person there would be about 30,000 less vehicles on the road every day. Imagine how much more quickly traffic would move with that many less vehicles on the road!
  3. Reduce Need for a CarĀ – If you own more than one vehicle, carpooling can reduce your need for one of those vehicles so you can donate one of your unneeded cars to Goodwill. Or, even if you just own one car, joining a carpool may eliminate your need for a vehicle at all.
  4. More Convenient than Public Transportation – For some people, using public transportation to replace their donated vehicle is not a viable option because they do not live close enough to a train station or bus stop. However, joining a carpool can save you the hassle of trying to use public transportation because most carpools will be able to pick you up from your house.

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Are you ready to donate your vehicle today? Give us a call at 866-233-8586 and we will make the donation process simple and easy for you. Plus, your donation is tax deductible!

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