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Donate My Ride

There are many things you can do with an extra vehicle. You can keep it around and pay insurance and licensing fees while it sits unused or you can also sell it or trade it in for another vehicle. Another alternative is to donate your car to a charity. Donating your can allows you to help those in need and to provide needed education and employment training to those in your local community. It can also be advantageous for you since you can claim charitable donations on your taxes.

Before You Donate

Before you donate your car, you need to find a suitable nonprofit. Research different charities in your area and find one that is either registered or qualified according to federal and state laws. This will ensure that you can get a tax receipt that allows you to claim the donation on your taxes. Some charities do charge a removal fee, so if you need someone to pick up the car from your home, ask if the charity will accept it free of charge or if they’ll waive any fees. Goodwill, for example, will pick up your vehicle for free – at a time convenient for you. Contact the charity as specified by their donation rules and get everything set up.

Prepare Your Vehicle

After you’ve contacted the charity, you will need to get the car prepared. Have the car key and title ready so that whoever picks up the car has a way to start it and can show legal proof that the car now belongs to the charity. If you have any spare keys, include those with the donation. Go through your car and remove any personal belongings.

Vehicle Pickup

When the charity comes out to collect your donation, be sure to give them the proper documentation for the vehicle. You will also receive written documentation stating the car is no longer yours (and releases you from liability from that moment forward) and a tax receipt that allows you to claim the donation on your taxes. Once the vehicle has been picked up, the process is complete.

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