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Buying New vs. Buying Used

After you donate your car to Goodwill, you will likely be looking for a car to replace the car donation. This comes along with the decision of whether to buy a used car or a new car. There are pros and cons of each type of purchase so you can use this guide to help you decide which type of car you will want to look for:

Why buy New?

  • Less Maintenance:  Since the car is brand new, you can buy your new car with the assurance that you won’t have any immediate repairs or maintenance to worry about.
  • Warranty:  Most of the time, when you buy a new car from a dealer, they will offer you some type of warranty. Having a warranty will give you peace of mind that you won’t need to worry about spending any money on car repairs for the next few years.
  • Security:  Since the car is brand new, you don’t need to wonder if the car has been in some type of major damage or will need a major repair right after you buy it.
  • Roadside Assistance:  Some warranties include roadside assistance, so you won’t even have to worry about changing your own flat or jump starting your car if the battery dies.
  • Waive Inspection:  If your state requires any safety or emissions inspections, you will likely be waived from these inspections for a period of time if you buy a new car.

Why Buy Used?

  • Cheaper:  When you choose to buy a used car, the price will certainly be lower than the same car in brand new condition.
  • Good Selection:  When you choose to buy a used car, you will be able to browse a wide variety of cars from all different years instead of choosing from the cars at the dealership.
  • Cheaper Insurance:  Since used cars are worth less, the insurance will most likely be cheaper on a used car than a brand new one.
  • Room to Negotiate:  When you buy a used car, you have more opportunities to negotiate for a lower price because chances are the person selling the car is anxious to get rid of it so if you offer cash you can probably get a great deal.

Whether you choose to buy a new or used car to replace your donated car, the most important thing is to remember to choose a car the best fits your needs. If you decide you want to buy a used car, you will find a great selection of donated cars at Capital Auto Auction.

If you are ready to donate your car, you can start the process here.

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